Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Honeycomb Smocking and the Bayeux Tapestry Stitch

This past weekend was a great weekend for finishing projects that were started at The Barony of Sacred Stone " Runestone Collegium ".  I had taken two classes that were thoroughly enjoyable,         1.  Honeycomb Smocking Apron - taught by Aster Brown ( Lady Prudence the Curious ).  Another technique that is rich in history ( 14th to 16th Century German and Italian ).

It will be pressed and then displayed at Kingdom Arts and Science Fair with the Needleworkers of Atlantia.   Even though this is not a item that I would personally wear with a Viking or Tudor persona, I am enchanted with this technique and smocking in itself.

2.  Bayeux Tapestry Embroidery Stitch- taught by Baroness Sine no Dheaghaidh, OL 
The Bayeux Tapestry is full of rich history in itself but learning the stitch was very satisfying.  I would be happy to do a panel now that I have mastered this stitch.
I think this would make a lovely cup cover and I have my sights on a vendor in France who is authorized to produce patterns of the Tapestry and sell kits.  I would love to see the thread that she includes in her kits.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kingdom of Atlantia - Barony of Sacred Stone - 12th Night Continued ......

We were all pleased and fortunate that His Excellency Bardulf Rauen ( husband to Dame Morwenna Trevethan ) was there to professionally photograph us in all of our finery.........  Waaala!
I will revise this post once the Novgrod family returns from the Carribean, but for now......
Kim Schumann Holt and Joe Holt 

Joe Holt - in Tudor Wear

Myself - Tudor Riding Habit ( The bodice is beaded and pearled and the balance will be completed before the next event that this can be worn.  Still work to do ).  The Necklace, earrings and Sleeve brooches and hat Cabachon's  are of my own design and will be photographed on their own.  

Sarah Rose and Baroness Alianor ette Red Swann
  There is some outstanding talent here...... and his Excellency always make us look good.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kingdom of Atlantia 12th Night - Barony of Sacred Stone

We just attended a wonderful event..... one of my favorites actually.  Kingdom of Atlantia 12th Night which was presented by - The Barony of Sacred Stone - by the fabulous Autocrat the Baroness Caitlin MacDonoughue and her exquisite staff.  Feast Stewart - THL Magalena la Sanguigni; Reservations- THL Edmund Hawkesworth ; A & S Coordinator - Lord Ihone Munro; Hall Stewart - Signore Vincesnzo De' Este; Dance Mistress - Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland; Gallery Director - Lady Catherine Ambrose; Performing Arts - Lady Sophia the Orange ; Tavern Mistress - Mistress Murienne l'aloiere; Merchant Coordinator - Mistress Etain of Sutherland; Royal Liason- Mistresss Brianna O Duinn and all the lovely faces of Sacred Stone.  I was one of the five judges for the 1st Garb Runway Challenge - sponsored by the St. Anne's Guild of Clothiers  ( Facebook ) and it was a tough competition.

Mindi Bishop ( HLady Marryn Blackgroves ) - Myself ( HLady Adair of Makyswell )

The Novgrod Family - Mary and Bella Rose with Justin - Sebastian- Christian and Nikoli in the backround.

Kim and Joe Holt - Joe is in Tudor with handmade shoes and Kim is in Spanish
The lovely Baroness Nuala ingen Magnusa

And the Hawkwood attendee's.

I am sure I have overlooked someone..... but what a wonderful event to be at.  One of those " Gussie Up", moments.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 - Shall be " All about me!"

Yes - I know, this sounds a tad selfish, but after analyzing the past two years and my service to not only being a Kingdom Regional Exchequer - King Deputy for Needlework, assist with building a Canton, always available to manage Arts & Sciences for our Barony of Hawkwood, I have been lax in making my way - for my dreams.  Becoming a Needlework Apprentice to a Laurel - building my own opulent garb.  My Needlework skills are beautifully present when I have the time.  The time to research - the time to practice- the time to make.  I shall maintain my Kingdom positions ever gratefully and work with others to build a Canton worthy of participation.  I shall always promote the SCA in our area, wherever I go.  But this year?  It shall be " All about me!".

I cannot wait to see where this takes me.  On to a new 2017 year in the SCA.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Shock of my SCA Experience..............................................

They say it does happen.  There are times when you really think you know your persona and everything their is to know about, let us say " Clan Maxwell " since my persona is Scottish and then
as you are completing the research for your Grant of Arms to register your name and to have your Arms approved and you come across this type of information and you realize that your are lax in specific World History. 

My registered name is to be:  Adair of Makyswell even though I have been know as Adaira inghean Makyswell.  I had to prove the spelling of the name and time period for Makyswell which I did quite successfully and then I happened upon the information that the Clan Makyswell ( or Macuswell ) was actually formed from the Danes.  The DANES?   Yes!  Clan Maxwell's  progenitors were actually Vikings.  I guess this should not surprise me as the entire lands of England, Ireland and Scotland were usurped and settled by the Vikings throughout history.  It was just a tad of a shock to find out that the Scottish pride of being a formal member of Clan Maxwell and then incorporating it into my persona with the SCA was actually formed from the Vikings. 

I really had to ponder this garb wise ...... persona wise.......and history wise.  I have always enjoyed the simplicity of the Viking Garb but I still love the " Bling " of the Early Tudor period as well which I have been building my persona around......and who cannot enjoy watching the parade of Tartans?  So thinking through the process I have determined I can enjoy both worlds.  Being a Viking and a Early Tudor ( Scottish ) persona.  I say yes and I will need to spend time re-writing and posting my persona while researching the specific history of the Maxwells. 

P.S.  I also noted that I have not posted all of the incredible things that happened during Hawkwoods Birthday celebration.  I have an entire write up with photographs that need to be posted - shared and I would hope you would enjoy with me. 


I enjoy reading other SCA members blogs and insights

I just happened across this personal SCA website blog that addressed an issue that I've noticed over the past five years with multiple individuals including myself at times.  The horrid words are "  Burn Out".  She presents an interesting thought process on this subject and you may have additional insights that would help other members that deal with this subject.

Please pay it a visit as she is also a female fighter from the Kingdom of the East.

Dual Post - A new skill has been learned

It is funny at times when one hobby overlays another hobby.   Even though this page is devoted to Bead Embroidery - Beadweaving - and Chainmailling but while attending a Society event ( Society of Creative Anachronism ) - I was managing the Arts and Science classes and competitions and I had the opportunity to see ( just a little bit ) for a historic embroidery class being taught by Andrea Brooks ( Lady Aesa ).  I was only able to try the Split stitch but I really enjoyed working in thread as a cover medium. One funny thing happened as I was sitting there learning the split stitch though,  I did keep trying to pick up a bead. 

Of course I enjoyed the Celtic Triskele pattern as well.  Soooo....... I'm hooked on Embroidery and starting thinking of ways to incorporate both Embroidery and Bead Embroidery, so I took off so to speak and decided that I would make a SPIKE ( The Unicorn Seahorse ) which is the mascot of the Kingdom of Atlantia.  And of course I added beads. 

I posted a photo on the Closed Needlework Group for the Barony of Hawkwood and I received many kind comments for completing a second piece.  I still have to block and press this piece but I believe it shall be an eye catcher when complete.   Now mind you,  I have several beaded pieces going on at this time but I have found the thread embroidery very relaxing while watching a little TV or taking a break at work.  The first photo ended up as a Cup Cover with brass swans hanging from each corner to keep the piece weighted over the cup.  The Spike piece I believe shall be a table center piece but it is to be determined. 

I have only learned split stitch and taught myself from a You-Tube Video on how to do Satin Stitch but there are numerous other stitches out there that I need to learn.  ( Yes !  Bless you You-Tube ) and now it has my thoughts going to next years Battle piece.  How to incorporate both mediums for a stunning design. 

Now look at this fabulous darling by " Fly Fenix ".   This has the imagination stimulated for sure. 

Stay tuned!  Piece number 3 is underway....... and it is Celtic and it is Swans.